E-M10, to be smaller than E-M5 and have built-in flash!

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Re: E-M10, to be smaller than E-M5 and have built-in flash!

Sergey Borachev wrote:

This is very good news if true, because

- the E-M10 will not be the update model for the E-M5, which deserves to have proper improvements.

- there is finally!! a complete small camera with everything built-in and a SLR shape from Olympus

- there is a new compact kit zoom.

There is hope that this lens will be smaller than the 12-32mm (no OIS needed) or better spec'ed.

I think the ergonomics would be very nice for a compact camera, if it like the Stylus 1. If priced right and if the lens is decent, I think it will sell like hotcakes. The GM1 and E-M10 will get many more people upgrading from P&S into M43, while the E-M1 and (Where is the GH4 or G7 or high-end Panasonic flagships?) will get more DSLR owners.

Surely a nice camera, but no idea to upgrade from the E-M5 I guess.

On the other hand the rumored new small standard zoom sounds interesting. If it turns out to be sharper than the E-M5 kit zoom 12-50 and reasonably priced I'm thinking of that one instead of the 12-40/2,8, which I had planned to get as soon it's available here in Sweden. It surely is excellent but expensive, and yet not possible to buy here other than together with the E-M1.

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