E-M10, to be smaller than E-M5 and have built-in flash!

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Re: Gordon Laing's comparison today

zilver wrote:

Gordon Laing of Cameralabs just released a review of E-M1 and comparisons with E-M5 and A7

"In its favour, the EM5 is noticeably smaller - 9mm narrower, 4mm shorter and 21mm thinner - not to mention 71g lighter. To be fair the EM1 remains comfortably smaller and lighter than a mid-range of semi-pro DSLR, but the fact is the EM5 is smaller and lighter still, and some people, myself included, really value the more compact size especially when travelling..."

I share his feeling about the size and weight difference and do not agree with you that E-M1 is just an E-M5 with a grip and few mm added.

You can read the rest of the review here:


Lindsay D wrote:

zilver wrote:

A lot of people are excited with E-M1, I bought and sold it because I'm disappointed. In my opinion m43 shouldn't keep getting bigger and more complicated shouldn't be aiming only to please pros and semi-pros, we have full frame, APS-C, both mirrorless and DSLRs for that.

The EM1 is barely any bigger than the EM5 - it's just a few millimetres longer, and is only fatter because it incorporates the all-important side grip - a vital component of the improved ergonomics (which pretty much every EM5 owner has been banging on about). It has nothing to do with appeasing the pros, instead Olympus responded to the many gripes and niggles which were repeatedly raised by EM5 owners, and to their credit they appear to have addressed all of them. Not every professional or advanced photographer wishes to (or is able to) cart around heavy DSLR cameras and (more importantly) big lenses.

There are plenty of Micro 4/3 cameras which are abundantly suited to enthusiasts and hobbyists, which is why the EM1 filled such an important gap in the market, and was so enthusiastically received.

I agree the new EM10 will be terrific, and like its slightly bigger brothers, will continue to appeal to a very wide audience.

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zliver, I was simply commentating on the size difference between the two cameras, which in real-world use is barely noticeable. I am a little confused because nowhere have I ever said that it is just "an EM5 with a grip".

I am a long-term user of both cameras (as well as a reviewer), and the EM1 is my main professional work tool. I have also written extensively about the benefits of both cameras and Micro 4/3 in general. You seem to have misinterpreted my response.

No doubt I will also get sent the new version, which I'm looking forward to.

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