Which Compact is best For Low Light?

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Re: Which Compact is best For Low Light?

ALL compact cameras will suck for low light in comparison to even entry level dslrs from Nikon (d5100 etc). That doesnt mean they wont take pictures, just at higher isos ur gonna get tinnitus from the noise.

IMO mirrorless cameras are a no mans land, not really compactible enough to be called compact and not enough IQ and low light performance to match modern dslrs from Nikon.

So whats left, well imo you need a seperate camera for pocketablity and another for IQ and low light capability, that to me means a dslr and a point and shoot.

Of those the d5100 and rx100 is the option Im looking to go with, the rx100 does pretty damn good in low light and Id have it with me everywhere.

Of course this doesnt help you for zoom in the pocket camera. If you can live with lower IQ and low light, my pick would be the FZ200 for the value option and maybe the RX10 for the premium.

Just my 2c worth of opinion. I hope your going to try them instore before buying.

Negative. Entry level machines are likely to be outdated crap with even three stops slower lens. So for low light, what you say is not gonna happen...
Why does he do it?

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