EM5 and FL 600R TTL Auto Underexposure

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EM5 and FL 600R TTL Auto Underexposure

I have read a few threads here about underexposure and olympus cameras. But I cannot find an answer to my specific problem, that I hope is some configuration error that I am missing. The Fl 600R is brand new. Came yesterday. I had a Metz 36 AF40 until it broke. It underexposed a little bit but it was manageable.

What I am getting now is different. The FL600 is powerful enough to fill the small room I am in when bounced on the ceiling without problem. No issue with that.

When I am using mode A on the flash the photo is ok. When I am using TTL Auto the photo is severely underexposed. I am trying flash compensation or exposure compensation but that does not change the result. I am using P-mode and AUTO flash on the camera.

I guess I am doing something wrong but I cannot figure out what. I am not  experienced with flashes in general nor on the OMD. Here are some photos with the exif details in case someone can help me figure this out.


A on flash

No flash

Flash Compensation no better

Exposure compensation no better


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