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Guy Parsons
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MrTofu wrote:

Hey guys,

First time posting here. Just ordered my EM1 and 12-40 and have been following the M43 forum for a little while now. A question: I have always wondered the methodology behind using a button in the back (AFL) to focus. I guess the half press of the shutter is what I "grew up" on and am used to it. What benefits/advantages do ones who use this method enjoy?


It is useful for Manual Focus, such as I have MF Mode 3 where the AEL/AFL button causes AF.

That way then the MF operation is only a possible fine tune to what the AF has already achieved.

Others do it with S-AF so the AF operation is separated from the shutter button, that way the focus stays where you left it to prevent the half-press AF causing a re-try and possible delay on subsequent shots.

I for one like S-AF at half press, so only use that AFL button for MF mode as above.

But everyone is different, and thankfully the Oly menus allow a large degree of customisation.

Regards...... Guy

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