A good small "companion" body for Olympus OM-D EM-1?

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photo perzon
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The best "companion" for Olympus E-M1 is the same camera!

I bet you if you buy the companion you won't use the E-M1.  The E-M1 brings things no other Olympus brings.  Super quiet shutter, protection, quality feel, better IS, built in VF4.

Part of its charm is the presence it exudes.  Its pathetic to leave a $ 1400 camera at home and spend all day shooting with a $ 300 PM2.  Loud, small, can't see the LCD in the sun, etc.

Get a cool case, and purposely take out the E-M1 as an extexion of your personality.  Some might shy away, most will be attracted and be a part of the experience.  It commands respect.  It builds up the subject.  It makes it special.  It weighs only a few more ounces more than the PL5.  Truth is a PL5 with a lens is gonna drag down any article of clothing too and it also needs a purse or a case.

jfoley wrote:

Dear Folks,

I have an Olympus OM-D EM-1, and absolutely love it. But there are a few occasions (like going in museums, street shooting, or other more cozy locations) where I might like something smaller as a second body. Also, I like the idea of having a second, lightweight body to take on long trips as a backup -- just in case one of the cameras has a problem.
I'm toying around with picking up an Olympus PEN PL5, or maybe the PM2. Both can be found as pretty good deals on Amazon or other sites.

I prefer a camera with an EVF and controls as close to the OM-D as possible, but there's nothing like that in the same price range.

Which other micro-4/3 camera is the best lightweight "sidekick" to the EM-1? Any recommendations on this?

Thanks in advance! Cheers, Jon

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