EM-1 experience with flash and fast social dancing

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Re: EM-1 experience with flash and fast social dancing

I have to agree with lamber4 and Paulmorgan.

Your flash obliterates the ambient light there and drastically changes the mood of the photos. The lighting (from your flash) and the background in most of the shots gives it the impression of a play rehearsal or something rather than a fun social event.

It also looks like most of the flash's light is coming at the subjects straight on rather than bounced off of the ceiling in the photos you posted. I see hard shadows behind people in several areas. Were you using a bounce card or something like that?

I would have used a much faster aperture (with one lens or another) and kept the flash bounced straight up. This would have gotten more ambient in the shot, blurred the background (nothing to see in most of the shots anyway) and kept more of the flash's light off of the background (if the ceiling is low enough).

In the interest of putting my photos where my mouth is, here's some of my own night club photos. I haven't done this kind of photography in a while - these were all shot with a Nikon D70 (entry level DSLR from 2004), Sigma 30/1.4, on-camera flash bounced straight up. The E-M1 should easily be capable of this (if you want this look).

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