FZ-18 Battery?

Started Jan 15, 2014 | Discussions thread
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StillandMovingImages Junior Member • Posts: 33
FZ-18 Battery?

I have an FZ-18 that I am very happy with and use regularly.

My battery is taking longer and longer to charge.

I tried to get a Wasabi battery as a replacement, but the Wasabi required so much pressure to fully engage the contacts and allow the clip to lock it in, I was afraid I would damage the camera.

Blue Nook very graciously sent me a second Wasabi battery, but the second one would not even go in far enough for the clip to lock. I could not even close the cover to the battery compartment.

I have looked inside and the camera contacts look perfect.

The original Panasonic battery locks in with minimal pressure and works okay.
It just takes very long to charge.

I would really like to get a replacement battery and Wasabi usually gets good reviews. Blue Nook certainly has been very nice over the phone. I just wish the battery would go into my camera without a struggle.

Anyone have any idea why I could be having this problem?

Has anyone bought a Wasabi for the FZ-18 recently and were there any problems?


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