APS-C Leica T type 701 to be announced in April

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Re: APS-C Leica T type 701 to be announced in April

brudy wrote:

Well, how did Epson do it with the R-D1? Not trying to argue, I'm genuinely curious. They were never exactly cheap cameras either, but much more manageable pricewise. If they came out with an R-D2 with an aps-c sensor I'd be all over it, despite the woes of using m-mount lenses on crop.

That's actually a really good question. Come to think of it, a Bessa doesn't exactly cost a lot, either.

On my desk right now is the Ricoh GXR M module, and apart from the annoyingly slow shot to shot speed, I am very happy with this as an aps-c M-Mount camera. The focus peaking works very well, the file quality is excellent, and because of the crop, sensor distance and optimization, there are no red edges or Italian flag colour issues at all.

A Bessa film rangefinder costs about $800. The Ricoh GXR-M cost about $1500 with camera base and module. In theory, if a company had access to both sets of technology, I could see a modern aps-c M-mount rangefinder being offered for $3000-3500, depending on suppliers, manufacturing and economies of scale. Maybe even less.

Such a camera would have a recent sensor, no issues with IR contamination, and have the capabilities of live view as well as rangefinder focus. The question is whether a manufacturer can see and then mine a market for this camera. I would certainly buy one.

Only budget and potential market would stop Ricoh from making a dedicated aps-c M-mount camera.  Given how small the GXR-M is, it could be the size of a Leica CL, but they might want it to be longer to maximize rangefinder baselength and therefore focusing accuracy.  Now, if only they could get together with Voigtlander.  Ricoh supplies the guts and user interface, Voigtlander supplies the rangefinder mechanism and perhaps the shell.

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