What does "weather sealed" mean?

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Re: What does "weather sealed" mean?

Jaysun wrote:

I don't expect that it means the camera is waterproof, but under what conditions would it be okay to shoot? A light drizzle? A heavy downpour?

Depends on a camera. Some are much better than others.

And what does it matter if the camera is weather sealed if the lens isn't? My lenses don't mention anything about being weather sealed, so if the camera can handle rain, that doesn't change the fact that my lens can't. Do people buy lenses that are water resistant? I've never seen that as an option.

I should mention, I'm referring to DSLRs that are supposedly weather sealed, like my D7000

Absolutely correct, neither Canon nor Nikon have weather-sealed lenses for their APS-C cameras, so all the talk is basically just a talk.

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