What does "weather sealed" mean?

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Re: What does "weather sealed" mean?

sterretje wrote:

There are people that demonstrate Pentax cameras taking a shower I'm not sure if they tried to take pictures, zoom etc while doing so. And the cameras (with lens) seem to survive.

I however don't consider WR the holy grail. Common sense is. Keep your camera/lens protected when not using it, wipe your lense and camera dry as often as possible. Zoom lenses can suck in water when zooming, even if they are WR; lenses that don't use internal focusing have the same risk. Plastic backs and lens-coats also help.

How far one goes? I have used my K5 with a (unprotected) non-WR lens in pouring rain without ill effects.

I can't advise which Nikon lenses are WR.

Yes, I understand common sense.   You should keep your gear out of the rain.    I've always done that.

I'm looking for people experienced in shooting in rain using weather sealed cameras.  You said you've shot with yours.  Just once?  How long did you shoot before you got it out of the rain?   Was there any fogging on the lens?    How heavy was the rain?   What lens was it?

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