Is your photography better with FF?

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Rick Knepper
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This is all backwards especially for long time Nikon users.

It was 2007 before Nikon finally released its first FX-based camera, 2008 before it released its first affordable FX camera and 2005 when Canon produced the first affordable FF camera. Before 2005, the only FF cameras were too expensive for the general pop to own. Crop was the camera of choice for many years only because it was the budget option and the cost of FF remained artificially high. There's a definite distortion of perception here as if FF/FX were the johnny come lately format.

Over the years prior to 2007, Nikon photographers were subjected to a special and intense corporate brain-washing that crop was the pro choice. it'll take years to return to normal thinking.

The question should be flip-flopped and directed at crop formats IMO, e.g What has crop done for you lately.

kelvin2345 wrote:

I am not a big fan of Thom Hogan, but I think his recent post is very interesting.

Thom is challenging whether the new photo gear that we purchased last Christmas has made us any better photographer.

I have been seeing a lot of "Should I move to FF?", "difference between f4 and f2.8 lens", "New DF coming" kind of posts in the past month. I really wonder whether the photos taken by those people have improved after spending all those money in new gears and gadgets.

I myself is a D600 user. The D600 was beaten to death with its dust issue and sub-standard AF module. But guess what, I just started to go pro with my D600 and all my clients like my results. I found it a fantastic camera and I can't get the most out of it yet.

To those who has bought new gears last Christmas - is your photography better?

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