D4s Specs as per NR

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Sounds plausible

Red G8R wrote:

Not sure if you all have seen this as yet.

-same 16 MP sensor

-higher fps rate

-improved AF

-better low light performance

-improved video

-same CF and XQD cards


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This is after all a 's' upgrade and ignoring the obvious exception to the rule - the D3s - the 's' upgrades tend to be fairly limited and more about adjusting and improving a camera rather then really changing. My guess the 's' branding is Nikon's way of saying "look, if your non-s camera still is in good shape, no need to upgrade" where a change in model designation (like D4 to D5) means "now it is time to upgrade even if your current camera still is working. The obvious exception to this principle would of course be the D610 which by this logic should have been a D600s, but lets not open up that can of worms here ...

The D4 does compete with a 12 fps camera with a excellent AF system and where at least the jpeg files do look somewhat better at very high iso settings. And which appear to have a somewhat better video implementation. So adjusting some of these things seem logical.

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