I sent mine back...

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I sent mine back...

I have mixed feelings about the Df- I enjoyed using it for the most part.


-Df made getting beautiful images easy provided subjects were well lit and/or contrasty and I planned my exposure properly. (I used it almost always in manual mode).

-The "smoothness" of the images, the subtlety of the gradations, the liveliness/accuracy of the colors, the effectiveness of Active-D Lighting made the images largely special.

-The body is pleasantly light, portable.

-It's very quiet, "aurally discreet" and visually discreet in black.

Cons/ I sent it back primarily because:

-Autofocus is pathetic compared to the D800- Anything other than the center AF point leaves a lot to be desired in sensitivity and responsiveness. I found myself often missing shots because when using AF-C 3D for example, the outer AF-points readily lose grip on any object, even in a situation such as a black crow flying in a cloudless sky- even at apertures like f/4. (The center AF point was however very reliable, even if it was very dark). All you need is a glint of light or a contrasty edge to aim for. I often found myself using the focus and recompose technique.

-Uncomfortable to hold w/ a heavier lens- (A 35 1.4 G for example). The tiny hand grip isn't a good match for a heavy lens unless you leave it hanging around your neck or carry it like a vegetable platter with two hands.

-The fact that the low-light ability of the sensor flies in the face of the lackluster AF module really bummed me out time and time again.

-No AF-assist beam. (Can be used as an emergency flashlight).

-Planning an exposure using the meter was frustrating as it seemed to vary wildly compared to D800 should the light/ dark of the subject change slightly, even in Matrix. (It's good in a way as forces you to learn the "zone system").

-No live view histogram.

-Not having the beautifully implemented built-in viewfinder curtain like on D800/ D4 was very frustrating.  (Having that hard plastic eye-cup dangling and slapping the body and making a clanking noise with every step constantly reminded me that it was a cost-cutting measure).

-Inconsistent build quality/ materials- Some pieces were very nice- Some were downright cheap.

The final straw was when the camera started to habitually lock up, necessitating removing the battery to make the camera responsive and subsequently getting "Err." I chose to send it back within the return period instead of going through a repair ordeal with Nikon. (I've had one repair experience with them and it was negative).

Using the Df made me appreciate my D800s in terms of ease of control and features. I'd run back to the Df if the AF was the same as D800 and it had a few more features. I loved the more manageable files, the rich image quality and the light weight. But for over $2,700 USD, it's not a good value in my hobbyist opinion.

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