A breakthrough in K-3 images in shade ......

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Re: A breakthrough in K-3 images in shade ......

emem wrote:

Bill Robb wrote:

KL Matt wrote:

Bright Mode!!!! The killer of image quality rears its ugly head.

Also: if you're looking for a weakness of the K3, this may nonetheless still be where you'll find it. With less dynamic range, you're going to have a more difficult time preserving fine highlight detail like white feathers in mixed light without underexposing more than you would need to with a k5. Then again, the finer and purportedly better metering may take care of you better in this case than a k5, safely giving you consistently better results.

I'm sure YRMV.

Reality actually will vary. The K5II has .7 stops more DR than the K3, and both are well over the DR that one is likely to run into in any scene that isn't artificially set up to induce a DR failure.

Don't know where you are Bill, but here in Australia the DR challenge is a major one at times. Shooting in Australian sunshine can be a bummer. The difference here between bright sunshine and shade is generally greater than any digital camera will handle easily.

It is the same in the sunny, bright U.S. Southwest. We need all the dynamic range we can get. Bill lives in Alberta, but I believe he has photographed in the Southwest.


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