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david tittermary wrote:

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Qwntm wrote:

When you were one of the only people having a problem, people were not too thrilled about claims that the K-3 was a bad camera... That was really the only problem.

I would do a complete factory reset and start over. Turn the HIgh ISO noise Reduction off and turn the AFA to AF-s and see where your at.

I bet your photos improve dramatically.

No, they won't. Here's a sample.

I've turned High ISO Noise Reduction to Auto. I've turned Slow Shutter Speed Noise Reduction to Auto. I never have my camera set to AF-A. I've set my camera to the Custom Image settings suggested by David Tittermary. I never fully believed your assertion about the noise reduction being the problem (or possibly ANY problem) but was hardly in a position to argue a case, but now I'm getting close. Time will tell. In the meantime, have a look at the image below, shot at 6400 ISO with NR set to Auto. Shot in a reasonably dark corner of a shed. I opened it in ACDsee and applied a little NR then resized it for here, otherwise it's as taken. Enlarge it to 100% and see if you'd be happy with it had you taken it?

Can you tell me here what settings to use to replicate the problem you were getting with aggressive NR? I'd like to try it from scratch.

I think what what Ed was saying and I agree (but it was not your major issue) is the the auto NR will variably degrade the image and give similar results to what you were seeing ie smudged details in lower light outside overcast type lighting. To avoid this random degradation if you turn the auto NR and set it to a level you're comfortable with you can avoid this. Again at the risk of sounding like a broken record I suggest turning it completely off along with sharpening and just do it post, take 2 seconds and gives you the control.

It would appear the baseline setting I suggested are giving you a nice contrasty fairly vivid image which from your work i have seen seems to be what you're looking for.

I understand you're not big on raw and I am sure your know this but you can set up a little recipe in your raw program that suits your taste apply this on import into your post software and you can have a nice image thats close to what you want with very little effort once you set this up. This allows your take advantage of the increase DR and Sharpness raw can give you, or not just throwing it out there.

Appreciate your comments (and input so far) David. I have a good idea what Ed was saying, having read many of his posts here (although some of the threads on this "blur" problem are so well posted to that it's hard to find exact statements that I recall Ed making - I'll look more thoroughly when I have the time). What I'M saying is that I think Ed has seized on this as the explanation for a general blur complaint in the early days after release of the K-3 BUT HE WAS WRONG TO ATTRIBUTE THE BLUR PROBLEM TO THE NR SETTING, his videos notwithstanding. I wasn't the only one who had problems. Several people returned their cameras to the store because of it. My opinion is that there were several things going on, Ed's video explanation only one possible (and I still haven't actually seen anyone 100% agree with Ed after replicating his problem). I believe my camera had a fleeting problem with SR malfunction of some sort. Sticking? A stiffness in application? To do with the new anti moire control? Who knows, but some of my shots were coming out as almost a double exposure.

Complex equipment, particularly in the marriage of mechanical and electronic controls, can do odd things. I had a strange occurrence with the K-3 a few weeks back. I was shooting a few bits and pieces in my backyard when the shutter started firing rapidly - the full 8fps by the sound of it. This started without me pressing the shutter button. I turned the camera off but it had no effect on the rapidly firing shutter - it continued until I opened the battery compartment and released the battery. It's only happened once but it was scarey at the time.

But I digress. Perhaps at the same time as the SR malfunction or soon thereafter, my Custom Image settings have been changed inadvertently, or carelessly, I don't know which or how. As a complication, I don't know of any exif reader that can yet read all of the K-3 exif data. I certainly don't have one that will.  We really need that to be able to have any sort of idea of what is actually going on in the camera when a shot is taken.

So, thanks again for your help in getting to the bottom of MY problem. I'm looking forward to fully tuning things to my liking now and getting out and shooting with this great camera when it's set up the way I want it.

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