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Re: GRD V lens patent

That patent has been brought up and linked to before, but could be interesting enough to have another chat about.

I hope that it is destined to something like a GRD zoom or a real GX300. Now with the GR having an aps-c sensor and still managed to keep it small, it seems unlikely that Ricoh would produce another GRD with 1/1.7" Cmos and fixed 28mm lens.

Maybe that zoom will be used in a Pentax MX-2 ? But then Pentax/Sanyo will have to get it right, not too big and no filthy NR which not can be switched Off.

As said earlier in the thread it might be a zoom for the Pentax Q7, but that would not make good sens to me as I've no plans to buy one. Also it might become somewhat big as a whole packet. Like a "Mini GXR A16 zoom".

So if Ricoh find it too difficult to make a small aps-c compact with a zoom then it might be easier with a 4/3 sensor? I think we know how the GXR A16 turned out like, not exactly small.

But Ricoh might manage to make it smaller as them did before with the GXR A12 28mm and after that the 28mm lens in the GR. How much the tradeoff in aperture-speed from 2.5 to 2.8 contributed to keep the size down I don't have the knowledge to say even though I not have doubt about that it probably helped.

When talking about apertures and bulk then we should remember that the GXR A16 zoom unlike the A12 28mm already was slow enough with 3.5 at the wide end and 5.5 at the long end of the zoom.

People outside the Ricohtalk might find an aps-c compact with too bulky or slow aperture (or a combination of both) laughable, especially since it probably not is about to rival the Sigma DP-series in terms of image quality in good light. The original DP1 could get away with its slow f4 lens as it as far as I know was the first compact with Aps-c sensor.

But things has obviously changed since then, in 2006. Every serious manufacturer except for Samsung, Panasonic, Pentax and Olympus has a compact with aps-c sensor, fixed lens and faster aperture than f4. Only Canon of the major manufacturers are below aps-c with their big-sensor compact, the G1X, which actually have a zoom with 2.8 at the wide end of it.

While the 2.8 aperture is fast for being a zoom the sensor however are still nearer 4/3 rather than real aps-c or even their own aps-c sensors with 1.6 multiplier.

Ricoh had a patent filed for a 14mm f2.5 lens for m4/3 which would equal 28mm but nothing seems to have been made of it.

I hope that the 21-84mm for 1/1.7" are about to face a better fate than become another Ricoh-patent to be put onto a shelf and not touched again.

Another patent which there came nothing out of was for a previous more conservative 24-100 f2-3.5 zoom for 1/1.7" But that was just good that Ricoh probably realized that it not would make much sens.

The bright 21-84mm lens in a compact packet a la GX100 would be more interesting and unique among the compacts with 1/1.7"

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