Must a photo tell a story to be interesting to you personally?

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Must a photo tell a story to be interesting to you personally?

I feel there are many types of photographs and many types photographic motivations.

There are purely documentary photographs, Birthdays, mugshots, passports, most anything based around an event.
Then there are artistic photographs which hold the eye based upon their own intrinsic interest shaped by composition, line, color and quality of light.

I personally like to take artistic or non-event photos more so than memory jogging snap-shots, but I do take both kinds.

I feel that insisting that a photograph must tell a story is like insisting that classical music needs lyrics added.

Plus I think that an artistic photo can provide a sense of mystery via it's lack of information.
It motivates the mind to ask questions that aren't "in your face" with data.
Does an appreciation for more artistic, less informative photography come with maturity?

So I guess I have a two-part question to put out to the forum members -

1). Must a photo tell a story to interest you?
1a). How long have you been taking pictures?

Which do you feel is a "better photograph",
Napalm Girl or Moonrise over Hernandez?

I know which I'd rather have hanging on my wall but everyone is different.

Short answers are welcome but feel free to flesh them out a little bit also.

Thanks all

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