How many of you use lens hoods?

Started Jan 14, 2014 | Discussions thread
Andy Blanchard Senior Member • Posts: 1,121
Mostly, but it does depend on what I'm doing

For wildlife, sports and other subjects with little or no need to use filters, then pretty much all the time, especially on the telephotos.  Ditto for street photography and other subjects where there is little or no time to setup filters, etc.

For landscapes, it's entirely down to the subject and lens.  I tend to work with a tripod and take my time over the shot, so as long as I don't need to use my Lee filter holder then I'll normally put the hood on to control any lens flare and improve contrast.  The exception to that is with my UWA lenses, where I never both with the hoods as they are so bulky and offer so little protection against lens flare I just don't bother wasting the space in my camera bag.  Whenever I'm not using the hood though I do try and use my Lee filter holder or some other suitable item to shade the front of lens if it won't be in-frame.


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