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parallaxproblem wrote:

tesilab wrote:

People who don't just think that Sony used to make a great product line called NEX and they don't make them anymore.

That's a very good point!

People will go into shops asking to buy a 'NEX camera' only to be told that they aren't manufactured any more!

Yeh you are completely right about that! When you go in a store and ask for a Nex camera the sales person will tell you that it is not manufactured any more and goes on with looking at the last rerun of hello Lucy!

Come on, there are three kind of people buying cameras:

1. the informed ones (reading this forum maybe) and knowing the Nex line is rebranded.2. The guys who buy in the shops and get their information there, they will be told the Nex line is rebranded in the stores
3. The first time (e-mount) camera buyer who comes in the store and ask what is the best camera for him. The salesman will help him to the camera he thinks is the best for him (or is provision...)When that is E-mount he will recommend the camera that is on sale then, maybe the Axxxx or the Nex x camera...

So in no way is it infecting the direct sales of the Sony cameras. The only people with problems with the name change are here on this forum.

Let me tell you one thing: Sony will not change their plans for what ever is told on this forum. The people on this forum are less then 1% of the camera buyers and look we are not buying the same Sony camera, there are people buying the A3000, the A5000, the Nex 5x, the Nex 6, the Nex 7 the A7 or the A7r. There is not one camera that is not owned by one of the forum readers...

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