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Tesilab: my thoughts exactly...

tesilab wrote:

I believe there is a degree of consensus that Sony Marketing blew it, and least that's the impression from their explanation. Unless they had a legal problem with the name that they are covering up.

They know how to confuse people. They'll suffer for killing the NEX name, which was probably worth a lot more than theoretical compatibility with A mount cameras. People who buy accessories will discover what is compatible. People who don't just think that Sony used to make a great product line called NEX and they don't make them anymore.

...esp. as this (and similar moves) grossly undermine their patrons confidence in the products they might have bought earlier.

Resulting in substantially less sales = a vicious cycle really as it is bound to repeated again and again, in danger to spiral pretty quickly beyond any control. It is much easier to spill the milk that to make everything whole again !!


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