Setting a long exposure time in camera without a remote ?

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Re: Setting a long exposure time in camera without a remote ?

jkjond wrote:

Henrik 1963 wrote:

You want to make a 30 min exp. Fine. To be off by a full stop you would have to go to 15 min or 1 hour. I think a normal watch or a phone watch would do the job You don't need a stop watch.

I hope Nikon will not clutter up the menu system with near useless features.

I hope you're in a minority of one :~)

Get the right tool for the job and be happy. Buy a cheap remote with build in timer - problem solved

I can see a good argument for saying you need a remote anyway, so why have remote functions built into the camera, but I'd far rather have the option built into my camera and then use a simple remote. Or have a shutter delay function such as that in the d800 and not need a remote at all - I don't like the idea of removing a weather seal to attach a cord.

I think that Nikon should build in WiFi in the cameras. And let us take control of the camera from an iPhone, iPad or whatever kind of phone or pad you have. And while they are at it build in some kind of radio trigger for flashes

A WiFi solution will solve more problems - you can transfer a JPG to your computer, iPad or XX for review.

When I shoot from a tripod the camera is often in a position where it is not easy to operate. Far better to stand up and control things Let developers make apps for Nikon cameras If the first app was a long exp. app - I would buy it

Until that happens - go buy that remote

Happy shooting

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