Help deciding whether to get the Nikon Df

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Re: Help deciding whether to get the Nikon Df

tkelly11 wrote:

Hi there, I realise the Df is a polarising camera but I was looking for some sensible advice from you guys and girls on this forum. Basically I have been happily using an Olympus EM5 the past few years and have been delighted with the results (you can see the types of stuff I take here for reference - I like having a camera you can easily pop in a bag and isnt heavy enough to really notice it.

Now i realise m43 is a compromise that I have been up to this point quite happy with. However at a recent evening event a friend was taking some pics with his Canon 6D in low light with a 50mm 1.8 and the "look" of the image had a sort of magic to it. I love nice people pictures and it really got me thinking about FF. But I have never found the look of modern DSLR's attractive and feel they lack any character. I realise many wont care about this, but for some reason, probably from growing up using my father's cameras in the 80's and 90's, I find myself drawn to "retro" cameras as I find the emotional connection with the camera itself is almost as important as the images it takes (within reason). With that in mind, if I want the magic of FF but dont want the modern design that I dont enjoy, the only camera that ticks the boxes is the Df coupled with a few primes.

One of people's biggest complaints, particularly here in the UK is the price. At £2749.99 its a bit excessive particularly when compared to the US, where you basically just swap the pound sign for the dollar sign (plus tax). However I have noticed the likes of Panamoz and DigitalRev are selling body only for around £1670-1800 which sounds far more reasonable compared with the cost of a D610 (I realise these are grey imports but would be willing to take the risk for a saving of £1k+). But I have been pondering this decision at length so thought I would see if anyone had any thoughts. If the price was only 20%ish more for a Df over a D610, would that be more acceptable to make the Df

I spent a few hours with the Df using manual primes, and a 70-300 VR. While looking at the Df evokes memories of my FE, using it does not. The reason is it's size, it just doesn't have the same  feel. Another problem is that I have been shooting a D90 and a D7000 for the last four and a half years and become accustomed to using the two command dials, so returning to the shutter dial took some practice. Despite it's size (compared to my 35 mm Nikon's) it is a very nice camera to use.

an attractive prospect?

Will I see a noticeable increase in IQ across the board by going FF or will it only be in certain situations, low light for example? I have a wedding in Cape Town in March that I am attending so was thinking it would be a lot of fun to take to that.

What would you consider an "increase in IQ" to be? The Df puts out some very smooth files, but you can't print as large as the D800 using the same DPI/PPI. Many people equate IQ to pixels, but pixels only equate to print size, or cropping ability. There are two ways to get detail, crop your 24/36 MP image to 12-16 MP, or get close enough to get all of the detail on the sensor.

I think you will like the IQ from the Df, but I'm not sure I would describe it as an "increase".

As mentioned earlier in the post, for reference, my website shows the type of stuff I get -

Be great to hear what you guys that have a Df or other FX camera would think about such a thing.

Thanks you,


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