"retro" Df ... nah, just good design

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Re: Well designed and Easy to use

I fully agree. I walked into the camera store expecting to hate the DF, but the lightweight and great sensor was exactly what I needed living up in the dark rainy world of Seattle.

I use the command dials and had no interest in any of the "retro" features of this camera although I will say the looks have grown on me.

After a few weeks and making a few menu tweaks like enabling the in viewfinder ISO display I really don't notice anything on this camera getting in my way. I have large hands and always found the smaller Nikon DX bodies cramped and hard to run, but I do not have issues on this camera.

If you look at my posting history you will see I don't usually parrot for products, the only reason I am posting about this camera is because it is a great tool if it fits your needs.  It just got a bad rap due to the marketing and the fact it doesn't fit everyone's desires or needs.

If you are on a tight budget this may not be the camera for you, If buy a camera primarily due to fashion sense it may or may not, depending on your taste be the camera for you. If you need to autofocus in pure moonlight the camera may not be for you. But if you are fine with af-on and recompose the center focus point works great down to -1 EV which is two full stops lower than the average streetlights.

This may or may not be an issue for you and if it is we are awash with an amazing array of amazing cameras.  One of which may be a better tool for your use case.

However if a light weight full frame camera win amazing ISO performance is on your wishlist I would encourage you to visit a shop and see if the Df will work for you.

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