A breakthrough in K-3 images in shade ......

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Re: A breakthrough in K-3 images in shade ......

Jim in Hudson wrote:

emem wrote:

KL Matt wrote:

Bright Mode!!!! The killer of image quality rears its ugly head.

Well, Bright Mode is the default setting for the K-3. I did try the Natural setting briefly but found it way too dull. Perhaps to a RAW shooter, Natural may be ok. But when I chimp after taking a shot, I prefer seeing something on the rear screen that looks kind of like the real thing, not some desaturated version of it.

The bigger problem with the Natural JPEG preset is the way it displays Caucasian skin tones. Too pink-ish or maybe lacking in yellow (I'm not a color expert). Could this be why Pentax has chosen Bright as the default for Western countries while leaving Natural as the default for Asian countries?

Regardless, you can desaturate Bright in-camera to get an improvement for overall shooting if JPEG is what you're after.

This probably explains why I never notice this.  The first thing I do with any camera is shoot raw + jpeg with a neutral "scene mode" and zero sharpening.  Even though I only use the raw file, it's in case I try to cut a corner and do a batch conversion of raw to tiff by a converter (when I don't want the converter applying any extra brightness or sharpening) before I get to put the final touches on an image in LR.


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