Setting a long exposure time in camera without a remote ?

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Re: or use continuous shooting and a remote with lock

The issue is that 30s seems to be arbitrary.  You spin the dial, and it stops at 30s.  Why?

I'm not asking for new features, or for a more complex menu, just don't make the dial stop at 30s.

To foce someone to bring along ANOTHER timer in addition to the one that is already in the camera is silly.  It's like having to bring another cell phone for long distance calls.   It's not a major ordeal, but it is a pain, and a pain that can be rectified incredibly easily.

The point of technology is to make our lives easier, and this seems like the perfect use of it.  This is exactly what computers are for, to do little jobs like this for us.

I do a lot of long exposures, and I curse every time I have to take my iphone out, unlock it, find the timer, set it, then sit and watch it while the camera is exposing.  The camera has this functionality already built in - why not use it?

There is no legitimate reason that I can think of why it needs to stop at 30s.  Arguments of "but it's easy to do it without" are not really an answer to "why won't they do it".

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