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Pat: is the 24Mpx sensor of d3300 the same as was introdueced a bit earlier...

PVCdroid wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

...shilled to premature extinction by jamming with inconsequential rubbish from the well known perpetrators - every act of replying to them just serves to forwards a thread they target to die sooner rather than later

Agree with you and there should be consequences for those that do so. This is quite valid when you see 4-5 in a row from the same poster slamming a thread to get rid of it because they are unhappy with the subject matter.

I think this debranding is going to be a topic for discussion for quite some time since it just isn't adding up and there is a lot of loyalty to the NEX brand. There will be continuous comparisons to NEX quality as Sony releases the replacements. I was holding out for a second body with the 20.1 mp sensor but became unsure about it yesterday while reading up on the A58 which was the first to use it. I thought it was a new design on the A3000 but realized it had been around since early 2013. What else do we know about this sensor version since it will probably be used in the NEX successors, excecpt N7S? Is it really going to be better than the 16.1 mp one used in the NEX-3N/5/6? Sony must have figured out how to make the 20.1 mp sensor cheaply seeing the price of the A3000. With the Nikon D3300 entry level APS-C DSLR coming out with the 24.2mp sensor is Sony staying competitive? I'm also curious if the D3300 is using the same sensor as the NEX-7.

...into d5200? If there is even only 95% similarity with the 24Mpx one of N7-Classic, the... it forms very attractive package indeed:

  • IMO the resolution advantage of 24 Mpx in N7 is bar to none; the only (pretty slight) problems concern really low light DR & noise;
  • PROS: at least semi-decent AF for dynamic action shooting/tracking (nothing to get excited about, but certainly leagues better than N7's CDAF);
  • CONS: while the Nikon is only slightly longer than N7, yet substantially higher, and deeper too: it is also marginally (60g) heavier than N7;


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