Canon S120 Battery Issues

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Re: Canon S120 Battery Issues

What you encountered, having the battery bar indicating almost full on restart, after flashing red previously, is not too strange.

I remember reading (somewhere...?) that camera makes battery level calculations in regards to the current camera usage - where currently shooting a video needs much more battery power then taking pictures or using the camera in preview mode, thus the flashing battery as soon as you start recording (more power usage, sooner to be depleted), returning back to 2 bars or full once video taking is over as the camera can really handle quite some more (photo) shooting or image previewing (as it needs less power to do so, so there might not be a need to recharge the battery just yet).

You can read my video recording battery test here --, summary (you may find point (4) very interesting, and similar to your results):

  1. In total, camera recorded 53'21" of full HD video (1920x1280, 60fps) before turning itself off, asking for a replacement.
  2. Turning it on again, the camera was showing a half full/depleted battery status, and from my past experience I know I could have squeezed a few more minutes of video out of it but just didn`t want to drain the battery anymore. The manual suggests approximately 1 hour of continuous video recording (page 205), so I would call this a fair game.
  3. Even though it turned off, the camera could still be turned on and used for taking pictures for quite some time, not giving up on you just yet, while just suggesting that you shouldn`t count on taking any more videos without recharging.
  4. The interesting thing here is that camera started reporting low battery level (blinking red indicator) after ~28 minutes of recording - but it still managed to record full HD video for another 23 minutes before turning off.
  5. During the whole recording period (53'21") the camera did become warm, but not hot, and once the recording stopped it came back to normal temperature quite fast.

Oh, and not to forget one more important thing - I don`t think that Canon`s battery level indicator is known for being too good/precise...

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