Proffessional interest in Mirrorless/M43 overstated...

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Re: Proffessional interest in Mirrorless/M43 overstated...

sebiruns wrote:

I am currently at the Detroit Auto show (not as a photographer). What I happen to notice here is that proffessoonals interest in mirrorless here is close to non-existent. By a huge majority pros here shoot Canon or Nikon DSLRs. Mirrorless is not even carried along as a secondary camera. While that was to be expected even newspaper journalists who are not photography pros don't use mirrorless cams regularly but choose to use cameras like a Canon G15 or a Superzoom instead. Any idea why that is the case? So far I have spotted one Olympus PL5 and that was it.

I think your question is best answered by those who make their living by going to events and taking pictures. I am not one of them.

But i have observed when traveling that i saw more tourists carrying DSLR systems than mirrorless systems. That is somewhat surprising. You can speculate why. Price? Association of DSLR with professional photography? Real feature differences? I wish i knew.

I can answer only for myself that i can get same or better results with mirrorless as compared to a semi professional Canon (7D) for most of my applications (exception is where AF tracking is needed ... the 7D is superior there). So i won't carry the bulk.

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