A breakthrough in K-3 images in shade ......

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Re: A breakthrough in K-3 images in shade ......

Bill Robb wrote:

KL Matt wrote:

Reality actually will vary.The K5II has .7 stops more DR than the K3,

Yes, in other words very nearly double the dynamic range of the K3. That is *very* significant in my opnion.

and both are well over the DR that one is likely to run into in any scene that isn't artificially set up to induce a DR failure.

I have frequently run up against DR limits with every digital camera I've ever shot including my k5, although much less often with that camera than previous models.

I'm sure for the purpose of "being right" in an internet forum, you have.

The odds of seeing any effective difference in DR between these two cameras is so slight as to be a non existent issue.

If you can measure it, and it's more than a 50% difference, I guarantee you can see it. Very easy to demonstrate. Someone with both cams should.

What some people should do is go outside and measure the DR of most of the scenes they photograph, and then see how silly it is to talk about a .7 stop difference in DR as being some sort of mega advantage.

You're now the second person after Pentax Prime I've blocked in many years on this forum, congratulations! It's a very exclusive club.


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