APS-C Leica T type 701 to be announced in April

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Re: APS-C Leica T type 701 to be announced in April

I'm still hopeful that someday Leica will offer a cheaper rangefinder. Even the M-E is out of reach for me. I'd love to have a full system camera (like the Sony will be or a Canon) and then either an M-E or MM for other times. I'm less interested in the 240 as I seem to prefer the output of the older CCD sensor.

Enjoy your M8!

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this is of course the rub. It would be next to impossible to build a cheaper m with an optical range finder without seriously compromising the accuracy and usability. The range finder viewfinder assembly and housing represents about a third of the cost of the M9 or so.

If they can make an electronic rangefinder accurate enough that could save as much a two grand in manufacturing costs. and significantly reduce the size of the camera. Maybe this is a route which they might take as it would mean then they could use an m mount with aps c and manual focusing as we Leica M users tell everyone we love. By electronic range finder for this purpose I mean a distance sensor same as for auto focus but you gotta pant and grunt twisting the lens till the green led says your in focus.

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