E-M10, to be smaller than E-M5 and have built-in flash!

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Re: E-M10, to be smaller than E-M5 and have built-in flash!

zilver wrote:

In my opinion, when the E-M5 first came out, it's wildly popular with the mass not just with professional reviewers like the E-M1. This is because even though as you say E-M1 is only a little bigger and a little more expensive but it makes people question whether it's too big, too expensive, or sensor size is too small for both size and price (it's same size as A7R with 4 times bigger full frame sensor).

At the size and price, it's no longer an impulse buy from the phone camera generation or even a great backup with excellent image quality for people with bigger setup.

E-M1 is a flagship to show what's possible, but wait and see I think E-M10 will sell a lot more units despite some reviewers complaining of poorer ergonomics, 3 axis IBIS, weak flash, not the best video, etc.

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Yes, I'm quite sure the EM10 will sell more units for the reasons you state. But that's not to say that cameras such as the EM1 should not be a very important component of the Micro 4/3 lineup. It is certainly a costly piece of equipment, but it offers features and performance which currently no other mirrorless system can match. Nor is sensor size the prime determinant of the cost/value equation.

I don't think you can compare something like the A7 with the EM1, they're totally different beasts - and as a full-time pro I can tell you which camera is most useful to me, most versatile, most portable, and most likely to get the job done (I also own a full spectrum of Canon full frame kit). I know that for a great deal of what I do the A7 would be untenable - performance differences aside, the "big sensor advantage" is moot in more situations that you might realise.


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