A breakthrough in K-3 images in shade ......

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Re: A breakthrough in K-3 images in shade ......

KL Matt wrote:

Bright Mode!!!! The killer of image quality rears its ugly head.

Well, Bright Mode is the default setting for the K-3. I did try the Natural setting briefly but found it way too dull. Perhaps to a RAW shooter, Natural may be ok. But when I chimp after taking a shot, I prefer seeing something on the rear screen that looks kind of like the real thing, not some desaturated version of it.

Mike use natural give sat a plus one or 2 depending on taste, sharpening a -1 (sharpen in post) and turn all nr off ( do it post) contrast a plus 1, turn highlight protection on, shadow off add in 1/3 of a stop +ev. Let me know what you think
david t

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