E-M10, to be smaller than E-M5 and have built-in flash!

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Re: Looks like GX7 competitor

amtberg wrote:

Seems like Olympus is aiming at the GX7 audience rather than the E-M5/E-M1 audience....

I would comment, yes & no ... as an entry level OMD, it should be less expensive than the E-M5, which is already less expensive than the GX7.  I'm rather disappointed the rumor is this is an "entry-level" OMD.  I was hoping for an E-M5 refresh.

I was fairly impressed with handling the GX7, and the only thing that disappointed me about the E-M1 was not the size but the weight, price notwithstanding. Therefore, I've been waiting for the "E-M10" since the rumor began.

I'm hoping Olympus made this new OMD even lighter than the E-M5, and a well-built plastic body is not an oxymoron. However, if they sacrificed so much weight, such that they eliminated the E-M1's EVF, I'll be very disappointed!

We'll just have to be patient ...

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