E-M10, to be smaller than E-M5 and have built-in flash!

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Re: Looks like GX7 competitor

duartix wrote:

amtberg wrote:

Seems like Olympus is aiming at the GX7 audience rather than the E-M5/E-M1 audience....

I think you are right. The funny part is that this was solid Olympus territory until Panasonic made an incursion by including IBIS on the GX7, and now it's Olympus that trying to cover the lost ground on the spec list.

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Duarte Bruno

Well, yes and no.  Olympus was the first MFT company with IBIS, but Panasonic was the first to build an EVF into a rangefinder-style body.  IMO both have been slow to the gate putting it all together in one package.

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