Who else rarely uses the shutter speed dial?

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Re: Who else rarely uses the shutter speed dial?

While there are indeed many situations where one wants to predetermine aperture and/or shutter speed, I have found with most cameras and for "ordinary" subjects and lighting conditions, the full auto (P mode) for both aperture and shutter speed generally works well, so I often use it, while keeping an eye on what it is doing from time to time.

OTOH, I have never used autoISO, because although it may do much the same thing as I want, I like to choose my "film speed" myself, usually (but not always) as low as I can get away with.

On the XP1, I also mostly use "auto-manual" focusing. That is, I have the focus mode set to manual, but the AFL button set so that I can use it to focus / lock focus with a single press. The focus then stays where it is until I either focus again or turn the focus ring on the lens. This means I don't have to refocus every shot unless I move or the subject moves. I also keep an eye on the distance scale to hopefully be sure that the camera didn't choose the wrong thing to focus on.

I find this setup works very fast, except for tracking focus on fast-moving subjects, which the XP1 does not seem to be able to do like an SLR. I can live with that - I take an SLR when shooting wildlife.

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