Hope any new top end DX body is smaller, lighter and made of composites

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I prefer "Bullet-proof and heavy"

I am accustomed to shooting a variety of cameras. Some of which weigh more than 3 1/2 pounds with viewfinders larger than most rear LCD's of any DSLR. One of my cameras even has a roll-bar to protect it's lens. Weight in my opinion isn't that much of an issue when it comes to shooting with professional gear. I routinely lug heavy C-Stands, booms and portable studio strobes around on shoots and the cameras are usually only part of the process/overall weight.

Given a choice between shooting with my D60, D200, D300 (either gripped or un-gripped) or shooting with my D3s - I prefer shooting with my D3s.

I don't have "big hands" but holding and shooting that camera is much easier than shooting with any DX camera (at least the ones I've used). Long lenses balance on it much better. The larger viewfinder makes the DX VF's feel tiny in comparison and the ergonomics, well, everything is where it should be - it's perfect. Yes, adding a grip to either my D200 or D300 makes those cameras easier to hold in portrait orientation but I still prefer the feel of the D3s.

Last, I wouldn't want a camera made of composites for two reasons. My gear gets bumped around frequently. I don't necessarily abuse it but it's reassuring to know that in the event where it swings away from my body on a strap and bumps into something or if it takes a a tumble on a shoot chances are it's fine. Secondly and as mentioned above lenses balance much better on a camera with a little weight.

As far as what I'd like to see in a new "top end DX body" I'd be one that would prefer a full metal chassis with an integrated grip like the D2X. Bullet-proof and heavy cameras are fine with me.

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