A breakthrough in K-3 images in shade ......

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Re: A breakthrough in K-3 images in shade ......

emem wrote:

KL Matt wrote:

Bright Mode!!!! The killer of image quality rears its ugly head.

Well, Bright Mode is the default setting for the K-3. I did try the Natural setting briefly but found it way too dull. Perhaps to a RAW shooter, Natural may be ok. But when I chimp after taking a shot, I prefer seeing something on the rear screen that looks kind of like the real thing, not some desaturated version of it.

It does surprise me that your setting was on bright.  When I first had my K5 and then K-01 and later K5IIs, I always experimented with the various modes and decided very early on that Bright Mode was to produce punchy pics more suited to give impact rather than a natural image look. So my screens are always set on Natural, with any final adjustments being made in post (RAW as a rule as its so quick ...)

I have the LCD set on increased contrast, say +3, while brightness is adjusted very regularly according to the ambient lighting conditions.

I also chimp a fair bit, but mainly to make sure that settings are generally there or thereabouts. Once I'm happy with that I use the cam pretty much as I would a film SLR, ie not worrying about anything except for composition, lighting et al ..  Having the rear screen set on brightness to help see the output is not doing any favours IMHO ...

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