Which Compact is best For Low Light?

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Philip Kendall
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Re: Which Compact is best For Low Light?

Andrew26 wrote:

I would highly recommend the Canon SX510 HS. I think that would fit your requirements nicely.

Sorry to say this, but I disagree entirely.

It has a new CMOS sensor that is specifically designed to give good low-light performance.

There's good low-light performance for a tiny sensor (which is what the SX510 will give you) and good low-light performance from a big sensor - and even a few years old big sensor will wipe the floor with a small sensor in terms of low-light performance. Add to that the fact that the SX510 has a slow lens and it's just not going to work for low-light work.

To give an example: in order to get 1/500s in one of the gyms I shoot volleyball in, I need to be at f/2.8 and ISO 1600. (That's one of the better gyms. The worse ones can be a stop slower than that). Therefore if you want that at the long end of the SX510's zoom (f/5.8), you're going to need to increase your ISO by (5.8/2.8)^2, or say ISO 6400. Now, the SX510's highest available ISO is only 3200 so that's not going to be possible - and even ISO 3200 is probably pretty much unusable on the SX510.

And it has a 30x optical zoom plus digital zoom for a total of 60x.

Digital zoom == pointless. Don't be fooled by the hype.

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