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My Nikon D70 recently died and Nikon advised that they no longer sold the spare part required to repair it, so I decided to replace my DSLR gears with a mirrorless system.

Did my research, went to my local camera shop, I was all ready to put an order for a Panasonic GX7 until a nice staff at the shop showed me the Fuji X-E1, which was discounted due to the arrival of XE2

Both GX7 and XE1 are excellent cameras but they do have their weaknesses. If my Nikon hasn't died, I probably would have preferred to wait for the "perfect" camera (I know I'm dreaming)... but, the Nikon is dead and I need a new camera.

I am now thinking of getting the XE1 with 35mm 1.4 because:

- it has a bigger sensor. I know sensor size may be irrelevant for IQ, but I just like knowing it is an APS-C.

- Fuji seems to have more brighter/faster lenses

- there is a decent discount for it at the moment

On the flip side AF and Video are so so and it is >1 year old.

So, my plan is, get an XE1 now and hope that Fuji will release a feature rich body (tiltable LCD, Wifi, historgram, faster AF) with decent Video in the near future. Is this wishful thinking? Is Fuji going to ever make camera with decent Video? XE2 is an improvement, but still lacking the MFTs. I get that it produces great photos, I just wish they put the bells and whistles as well....


The only thing stopping me from getting the GX7 is its smaller sensor.....I know this is the Fuji forum, but I'm hoping there are MFT shooters who can share why they went for the MFT instead of Fuji X system.

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