ViewNX 2: NEF to TIFF 16 conversion does a funny job

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Comparing the 8 bit to 8 bit and 16 to 16, the View NX2 images are distinctly brighter than the PSE versions.

That's because PSE applies a different camera profile than the Nikon Picture Controls and PSE also applies EC (neg perhaps) at the same time that ViewNX2 does not.

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Yes Mako.

When it comes to convert the Pictures to "what it looks like" in the viewfinder, ViewNX2 is closer with no editing. It sure has better control over Nikons picture-settings - no doubth. Those two Pictures I posted at that time, showed that clearly. They were not edited in anyway, before converted to 16-bit, and then converted back to .jpg's to be shown here.

But the original OP had to Work with 16-bit tiffiles in his proffessionel Work - and when working with all 16 bit he had some problems with the ViewNx2 converted, which wasn't there with other converters, and wondered why.

Sure, but I was only commenting on the brightness issue bflood was speaking to, which is unrelated to tiff conversion.


And the question is still there - why do ViewNX2 makes some kind of a hybrid (I would have used another Word, starting with b - but it's banned here :-)), a double 8-bit instead of a real 16-bit file.

An unknown at this point

Is it the only way to preserve Picture Control settings?

No as CNX2 does it different

But Again - for proffessionel Work you have to buy CaptureNX2 - just hope this will not handle converting to 16-bit in that manner.

It doesn't



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