Which Compact is best For Low Light?

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Re: Which Compact is best For Low Light?

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I've been really happy with my Canon SX110 for some years now but I'm finding that it';s struggling to shoot in low light conditions. My son is a competitive swimmer and the pools aren't the best lit areas around, so I'm looking at moving to another camera but one that can shoot well with a long zoom (I'll be sitting in the stands).

I realise that a DSLR is the answer but I'm also looking at having it to travel with, so something that can fit in my pocket would be great.

Oh, and I've come across a lot of cameras in the past that have shocking shutter lag. I think that technology has moved on now so it isn't such a problem, but I would like to have it where the shutter opens when I press the release button, rather than a couple of seconds later.

I have a budget of up to £300 (I know, not a lot) but I'm hoping to get a good deal in the sales.

Any advice would be great.

You should tell which focal lengths you are using.

If you are OK with a fixed FL (35mm) wide angle lens (which I doubt is suitable for shooting swimmers), the best is Sony RX1. Waaaay above your budget and will not fit in your pocket.

If you are OK with even wider fixed FL lens (28mm), then Ricoh GR - it will fit in your pocket but not in your budget.

Up to 200mm, the best is Sony RX10 - but this one not compact at all, and way above your budget.

Up to 300mm - Olympus Stylus 1, compact but not quite pocketable, and above your budget.

Up to 600mm - Panasonic FZ200, not compact (but not as big or heavy as RX10), maybe can fit in your budget refurbished/used.

Last 3 cameras have viewfinders, making tele shooting more stable.

For around 100mm range and within your budget - Olympus XZ-2 and Panasonic LX7 (the latter up to 90mm) are coat-pocketable.

For jeans-pocketable in that range (up to 130mm), Olympus XZ-10.

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