Which Compact is best For Low Light?

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Re: Which Compact is best For Low Light?

Philip Kendall wrote:

OneDullGuy wrote:

I've been really happy with my Canon SX110 for some years now but I'm finding that it';s struggling to shoot in low light conditions. My son is a competitive swimmer and the pools aren't the best lit areas around, so I'm looking at moving to another camera but one that can shoot well with a long zoom (I'll be sitting in the stands).

Honestly, you won't get that with a compact camera at all. To some extent, you can trade off low-light capabilities against zoom (less zoom => better low-light capabilities), but low-light and telephoto reach means you'll need a camera with a bigger sensor - and that, along with the lens you'll need is going to blow your budget out of the water (pun vaguely intended).

Sorry for the bad news, but there's nothing we can do about physics

Added to the above which is a constant.

Oh, and I've come across a lot of cameras in the past that have shocking shutter lag. I think that technology has moved on now so it isn't such a problem, but I would like to have it where the shutter opens when I press the release button, rather than a couple of seconds later.

The main reason for what you call shutter lag is the camera trying to get a good enough image before firing the shutter. So focus in low light is hard work, the camera will lock the shutter out until it is fixed. All cameras do this except in manual mode (there may be others but for simplicity lets go with that). You can half press and have all the values resolved then press all the way and the shuter should instant.

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