Is the Fujifilm XF 18mm Lens that bad?

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Re: Is the Fujifilm XF 18mm Lens that bad?

slowaussie wrote:

Looking at purchasing a Fujifilm X-E2 and moving towards the X standard of lenses, but would like a compact 35mm lens to make it portable (pocket-able) for travel, and the range isn't huge.

I've never owned any Fuji lenses before, and from what I can tell the newer prime lenses are fantastic, but getting conflicting views of the 18mm. Ideally I'd go with the 27mm pancake for its small size, but worries the FOV will be a little to narrow for photographing scenery.

Any opinions, recommendations? I'm tempted to go with one of the 4/3 format cameras instead due to what seems to be a wider selection of glass, but then most reviews of 4/3 format glass are less critical because of the lower prices.


You appear to be asking two questions. Yes, the 18mm is not a bad lens - it probably gets a bad rap because when the Xp1 came out it was the only wide prime and it wasn't sharp across the frame when stopped down. I use mine all the time for night photos, restaurants, and when I generally don't want to attract attention with the kit zoom.

If being highly portable or even pocketable is your concern though, you're looking at the wrong system.M43 has some pocketable primes, but the only thing that might be pocketable with Fuji is an Xm1 with 27mm. The 18 is just a little too long.

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