Cloud Backup

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Re: Cloud Backup

Paulmorgan wrote:

offsite is a necessity!

Why, are you about to be fire bombed.

Its simple enough keeping hard drives off site, leave with a friend, leave in an out house like a shed or garage and there are plenty of HHD storage solutions available.

If you don't care about your data, then don't worry.   Putting a drive in the shed is a hilarious solution!

But if you actually want a backup, having it right next to your house which might burn, be in an earthquake, flood, tornado, or hurricane seems to miss the point.   The leave it with a friend idea may work, but how often will you actually do it?  Quarterly?  The most convenient way to work with a friend is to sync over the broadband connection - basically private cloud backup.   And hopefully you return the favor.

(For those who insist on keeping all their data copies in the house, there is a manufacturer that Anandtech occasionally reviews who sells a water proof, fireproof 1 drive NAS.  Or at least within reason, but it's at least pretty sturdy to handle mishaps.  Not cheap, but few good solutions are)

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