Setting a long exposure time in camera without a remote ?

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Re: Setting a long exposure time in camera without a remote ?

Henrik 1963 wrote:

You want to make a 30 min exp. Fine. To be off by a full stop you would have to go to 15 min or 1 hour. I think a normal watch or a phone watch would do the job You don't need a stop watch.

I hope Nikon will not clutter up the menu system with near useless features.

I hope you're in a minority of one :~)

Get the right tool for the job and be happy. Buy a cheap remote with build in timer - problem solved

I can see a good argument for saying you need a remote anyway, so why have remote functions built into the camera, but I'd far rather have the option built into my camera and then use a simple remote. Or have a shutter delay function such as that in the d800 and not need a remote at all - I don't like the idea of removing a weather seal to attach a cord.

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