How do you get these effects?

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Re: How do you get these effects?

Don't give up so easy There are lots of ready-made filters (try for online edits).  But if you can't find a filter that yields the results you want then you can learn to make these edits manually.

For the washed-out look, reduce the contrast and brighten the shadows. Desaturate a bit.  Add a layer, fill it with sepia (or really any tone you want) and adjust the layer opacity.

Adding a texture is easy when your PP software supports layers. Open your photo. Then import a texture image as a new layer. Find a texture you like here or from any number of other sources. Resize the texture if necessary to fit your photo. Then adjust the transparency and blending mode of the texture layer until you get something you like. Video tutorial here.

There are so many ways to adjust colors: curves, the color mixer, brushes and gradients. Experiment with the tools you have.

Oh yeah, and learn how to add a vignette.  Now you can do anything Instagram can do (except for the part about Facebook and 1 billion dollars).  Good luck and have fun.

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