How to shoot with manual lenses on the A7/r?

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Re: Native Sony flashes work exceptionally well with manual-focus (no-electronics) lenses on A7

SQLGuy wrote:

It probably depends a bit on what you're used to. For me, a NEX-5 was my first interchangable lens digital camera. I'd shot film for years, then some fixed lens digitals before going to the NEX. Things I tried on the NEX just worked, but I didn't really expect them not too.

Then my wife got a Nikon D5100. I was shocked that you couldn't even meter a Nikon manual focus (AI-S) lens on this Nikon body. I could meter with it on my NEX, but not on the Nikon!

Long story short, if you're used to crippled cameras you may well come to Sony with the expectation that a lot of stuff won't work, when in fact it does. Did you know you can take panoramics with those old manual lenses too? Has to be at 1/500th, but you can do it.

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A7 with kit lens and a number of legacy lenses (mostly Canon FD)

I'm delighted to use my old film lenses, OM lenses once again on a digital body. Auto mode on my old OM2n was aperture priority and that was the extent of the automation, that the camera set the shutter speed. LOL! The Sony NEX cameras brought my old lenses back to life in ways no one ever dreamed of before, and which has been a delightful course of discovery for me.

Newcomers here have yet to discover how great old lenses can be on these new bodies. This thread itself is a case in point, with questions that may be answered to some extent by helpful responses but will be more fully answered with experience and discovery by those who are learning their new gear.

Not that there is anything wrong with shooting manually, not by any means, but it is nice to know what our modern cameras can do even with old lenses to make them better than ever.

I didn't know that about the Nikon, it makes me appreciate my NEX that much more.

I've had problems doing panoramas with legacy lenses especially at night. Perhaps that was the problem, not fast enough shutter speed. Thanks for posting that.

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