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Just for interest

I am not into Fuji cameras and so will give them for others to respond to.

Just a few product rambles:

A recent mirrorless sales report showed that the combined sales of the Q + Q10 + Q7 would have made the Q #4 in Japan (just) but of course some other cameras with superseded model sales included might also distort the placings, so we could play games that way. But it is sufficient to say that the Q is not a disaster in Japan whatever the rest of the world might think of the camera.

The GM1 by Panasonic could be regarded as a pre-clone of what I had fantasized for a compact GXR system - something which might not be much bigger than a GR body. Of course the GM1 is actually smaller: "Pentax Q size" and we might wonder what it might do in regard to future sales of the Q. So a poke in the eye for the Q and a premptive-strike if my hallucinations of a tiny GXR ever came anywhere close to reality.

The GX7 seems to offer what "everyone" wanted for the new GXR - built in evf (and it tilts) and tilt lcd. But maybe it is more in the NEX6 market than "a GXR" contender.

Leica have said that they are not going to be involved in a replaceable M4/3 lens camera and there will be no Leica variant of the GM1, but apparently they have designed a mirrorless aps-c camera and Panasonic will build it for them. Strange considering Leica seem to have made a very nice 42.5mm f1.2 (85mm equivalent) Nocticron for the M4/3 mount/sensor. Of course anything made by Leica has to be expensive as well as good.

Sony has made a FF mirrorless, in fact two: A7 &A7r.

When Nikon moved into Ricoh's "patch" with the Nikon A the result was the release of the brilliant GR not so far down the track and Rioch has been marketing the GR quite aggressively as if to head the "A" off at the pass.

It seems that new product is dancing around the rest of Ricoh's territory, what is left of it. Maybe another response form Ricoh on the way? Or are they simply deciding to hold on to the GR type alone for dear life?

There seems to be some sort of alignment - Panasonic + Leica and Sony + Olympus these days. Ricoh is almost a Sony satellite considering that they rely on Sony for several key components.

Ricoh and Pentax are certainly keeping up with the bunch recently, if only on two models. The GR can obvously challenge anything remotely similar in concept and the K3 has just been nominated the best dslr for 2013.

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