Are Full Frame SLRs Obsolete?

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Re: Crop sensors are certainly obsolete

Scott Larson wrote:

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Scott Larson wrote:

It's extremely relevant when you want a photo that has corner to corner sharpness which many of these so-called "full frame" lenses cannot produce despite the manufacturers applying their obviously loose standards to that part of the image area. Fortunately these lenses perform much better with so-called "crop" sensors and that's one reason why I use them.

Actually, they perform form worse to much worse on crop, corners included, with a very few exceptions, like some UWAs (but then you lose the UWA, so what's the point).

Gosh, I must only be using "the exceptions". For example My old 24-70mm f2.8 (Mark I) had much better corner sharpness on my 1D cameras than my 5D cameras since they didn't include the blurry parts. This was very obvious with group shots.

The Mark II version of that lens has much improved corner sharpness (and overall sharpness). It costs a lot more than the Mark I version but that's because very difficult to get an image circle good enough to crop a 24x36mm rectangle out of it with decent quality.

The illusion of better performance is due to the fact that they are more uniform (in a mediocre way) across the frame, and to the lack of understanding how to compare formats.

Oh yes, my thousands of dollars of Canon lenses have produced nothing but mediocre images on all of my "crop" 1D cameras I've owned for the past 13 years!

You are putting words in my mouth. You paid too much attention to the part in the parentheses and failed to read the part outside them.

I am curious to see one of your group shots with blurry parts. How often do you have people's faces in the corners?

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